Your Eternal Security Devotional

This ebook is for every born-again Christian. The eternal security of the Believer in Christ continues to be a debated topic. This book is not meant to be a tool for debate. Rather it is a means of protecting your mind from the onslaughts of the enemy of our souls–Satan–who desires to steal the joy of our salvation. He knows that if he can do that, then most of his work is done.

There is no greater motivation for serving God than LOVE. And God’s word declares that NOTHING, but NOTHING will separate true believers from the love of God which they obtain through faith in Christ Jesus! Keith L. Bell Ministries and Like Your Christian Life Again take you on a 30-day journey designed to renew your appreciation for your eternal salvation!


I am truly inspired by Keith’s ability to connect Scripture to the daily devotional life of a Christian. In this book, he does a great job in bridging the gap between temporal life and the eternal security that believers have in Christ. Not long ago, some friends and I were having a discussion about death. What we discussed really hit home for us when, just hours after our conversation, a well-known celebrity died unexpectedly. It made me think: If you as a Christian went to the hospital today, and were told by the doctor that you only had 24 hours to live, you would immediately begin to ponder what happens to you when you die. This devotional starts from the perspective of the believer’s eternal security in Christ, in the effort to give greater meaning and joy to the here and now. Truly, many Christians can benefit from a book like this, especially in America where it is easy to become comfortable with Christianity, and therefore also easy to compromise one’s faith. When you’ve blown it, it is great to be reminded of God’s promise that nothing can separate you from His love. Keith’s book does just that!

Running Back for the N.Y. GIANTS


I enjoyed reading this book. There were many great insights shared. I will outline my pros and cons below, but as a whole it is a solid option for those who want a devotional book based on God’s truth. This is not designed to be a treatise on eternal security. However, truth is presented in a way that is honest, accurate, and beneficial.

Author of Romance by Design


When I use devotional material, I hope that it will encourage me by reminding me of old truths I’d forgotten and expose me to wonderful new truths I’d yet to encounter. I also hope that it will challenge me to dwell on the Lord in ways I may not have done on my own.
I believe that Keith Bell successfully met these standards. Even before I read this devotional I’d been considering the truths of eternal security and how it applies to my life. In a very pastoral and loving way, Keith provides truth and application for the doctrine of eternal security in approachable ways. Thankfully, this is not a treatise on the subject. Instead, it is a careful application for Christians who really want to apply these truths to their life. Keith drives home these truths by providing helpful “Security Measures.” These are succinct statements that sum up the devotions. Without these, I would have provided the book with a lower grade. These really help the reader understand the main point of the devotion and provide easy application.

Youth Pastor, Kedron Baptist Church, Gladys VA


I JOHN 5:13!
Keith has garnered the gift to use scripture to grasp deep into your heart so that you know the awesome God you serve. God wants to spend eternity with you. The Word of God comes alive and stirs the Holy Spirit in your heart as Keith teaches and preaches the word. Relax and soak in Your Eternal Security. I know you will be blessed.

Master of Divinity Student, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

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