Believing The Word of GOD Until The End

Attention to detail is very important when it comes to the Christian faith and the rule for the Christian life—God’s word. Imagine two soldiers being tasked with blowing up a bridge to keep enemy forces from crossing it. The soldiers are told to meet on the bridge at a particular time, plant the explosives, and blow it.

1957 Academy Award winning film Bridge On The River Kwai

They each get to either end of the bridge at the appointed time, rig the dynamite, and then meet up in the middle with their detonators in hand. But what might be wrong with this picture? Well, let’s just hope they know where they stand…

Scripture’s Sturdy Construction

Over and over again, the Bible has proven itself to be the word of God. Cultures and kingdoms have tried to destroy it, but rather than being destroyed, it continues to transform lives by the millions in ways which can only be attributed to the power of God. It is the most freely given away book of all time, and still holds the record as the best-selling book of all time. And it’s record on prophecy and fulfillment is unrivaled.

For example, did you know that centuries before crucifixion had even been invented, various passages in old testament Scripture, including words of King David and the prophet Zechariah spoke of a Messiah who would be crucified? It even goes so far as to illustrate with the symbol of the pascal lamb and other old testament references how the bones of Christ (the Lamb of God) would not be broken.

What happened at the crucifixion when the Roman soldiers went to break the legs of the two thieves and Jesus in order to hasten their deaths? They found that the Lord was already deceased, so they didn’t have to break his legs. But to be sure of His death, another old testament prophecy was fulfilled. A Roman soldier took a spear and thrust it through Christ’s rib-cage up into His heart causing water and blood to gush out.

Remember, these things were foretold by the old testament Scriptures about 400 years before crucifixion had even been invented. Yet with all of the accuracy that Scripture continues to provide, one cannot come to a full faith in it as the word of God without being given such discernment by the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, I write this not to convince unbelievers, but to remind those who say they are Christians to not burn the bridges between the foretold and the fulfillment of Scripture. The Bible is more reliable than the ground we walk on!

Over Troubled Waters

If the Bible has proven itself to be astoundingly accurate in all of its prophecies right up to today, then do not allow yourself to be tricked by a fallen world into believing that the rest will not also come to pass. We are seeing all sorts of things take place that continue to point to further fulfillment of Scripture. People think it is a joke when they hear talk of RFI chip implants and one-world government, economy, and religion. Yet slowly but surely such things are being integrated into the fabric of society. They are becoming commonplace.

Surely, there will come a day when all who made mockery of the Bible and its prophecies will see that just because they refused to believe it didn’t change the fact that it was true all along. The Lord has a timetable for this world and all of the prophetic events yet to be fulfilled. Like it or not, God’s word will not return void, but it will accomplish all that He said it will.

Bridge On The River Death

We are on the bridge between Christ’s death for our sins and His promised return. The best thing we can do is get safely to the other side of this life by following Christ. Not having faith in Christ and His words is tantamount to blowing up the bridge called life, all but assuring one’s own regrettable and eternal demise.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life because He came to bridge the gap between lost man and a holy God. Trust His word and keep on moving to the other side!

Will you have faith to continue on the bridge of  Scripture and see it through to fulfillment? Or will you blow it by unbelief? The choice is yours…

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