Eternal Love For Temporal Life? Hardly!

How Jesus; The Resurrection Gives Us Eternal Security

What are we in Christ saved from, ultimately? Of course, we are saved from sin. But honestly, the thing we are most concerned about is sin’s penalty–DEATH, right? There are many wonderful aspects of salvation, but there are not many that are as important to us as the eternality of salvation.


Why? because we know that all must die; but then what?

Death’s Destroyer

Because we trust in Christ, we are guaranteed eternal life. So the thing that we are saved from ultimately is eternal death. It was the first warning God ever gave humanity when He said, “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die” (Gen. 2:17).

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In Christ It IS Alright Now...

The Beatles’ song “Here Comes The Sun,” penned by band member George Harrison, has an interesting story that I find to be a fitting illustration of the misery we can expect if we seek to do life without Christ. It is believed that George wrote the song one day while sitting in his friend Eric Clapton’s garden.


It was during a difficult time for the band and personally for George. He compared the long, dreary winters in England to life and how he longed for better days. Surely as a rock star, he had a long list of problems that would discourage anyone (drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, depression, etc.). But the hope that things would somehow get better inspired him to write a song that has probably encouraged people everywhere to look at the bright side of things.

But better than any Beatles song or any other song could ever be, Christ’s resurrection serves to tell you something about the S-O-N that you would do well to know and never forget. And that is if you think that you have said “so long” to your best days, know that Christ’s resurrection tells us that the best is still yet to come! And here’s what you need to do to prepare for it:

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Problems I Have With Today's Pretty Jesuses

When you look around at all the depictions of Jesus, whether in the art of days gone by or even in modern day movies, what kind of Jesus do you see?  I mean, aesthetically speaking.

Is He not usually the tall, dark, handsome guy whose appearance anyone would admire?  Why is that?  Has anyone actually ever painted a real picture of the real Jesus?

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My Free-Will Choice To Believe God’s Promise Of Life

I was recently asked the following question by a free-thinker who had already made some derogatory comments about Christians in reply to other posts on our Fb page:

20,000+ children will die of starvation and easily cured diseases today. If God is all powerful, why?

Understanding that it is not wise to quickly react or respond to another person’s verbal hostility, I simply took a few days and then decided to share my simple and concise perspective.

In another post on our page, this belligerent guest also quipped about the topic of “free-will”, which is worth mentioning because it has much to do with the answer that I’d like to offer. And if I could narrow it all down to one or two things, I would have to say that it is about humanity’s free-will and God’s promises.

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The New Like Your Christian Life “The Ticket” Fb Page Logo Explained

It has been a blessing to see how God is already beginning to touch lives around the world with a few weekly words of encouragement to live a joyful Christian life. With this, I am proud to introduce a new logo that we will use to represent this community.

I’ve put together a heraldry of sorts to express why, after looking at several design ideas submitted by Facebook fans of LikeChristianLife, we’ve come up with this logo already effectionately known as “The Ticket”.

First, we wanted something that wasn’t too formal, that looked fun. We all “Like” fun!

Second, we wanted to depict the idea of revolving or turning backwards to represent return to the joy of our salvation in Christ.

Third, the capital “L” needed to be somehow emphasized to remind us of things like “Like”, “Life”, “Lordship of Christ”, “Love” etc..

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The Days Are Evil… Will We Ever Live?

When Scripture says in Ephesians 5:16 that the days are evil, what days does it refer to? Surely, even 2,000 years after its writing, it speaks of our days, every single one of them! Every day, somewhere in the world, evil is being plotted,

planned, or carried out. From a Bangkok brothel filled with teen-age girls stolen and prostituted for money by human traffickers, to a Boston back-room where terrorist attacks have been and may yet be strategized; this world is a wicked place!

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What? You’re Leaving?

There was a time during my Navy days when I had to deploy on a one-year unaccompanied tour to Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory. At the time, my oldest son was about 10 years old, and I can remember one day before I shipped out

that I was discussing my departure with him. When I broke the news to him, I saw his countenance instantly fall as sadness gripped us both.

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The Joy of Why Jesus Died

Please don’t miss this simple but oh so profound message! Jesus died! Let me say it again… Jesus… DIED! History as well as the word of God records that genuine fact.  And though it is also a fact that Jesus is alive because he rose from death, it is very important for you and me to ponder His very real death.


What other god in the world’s smorgasbord of beliefs would or even could die… and still be god?  Yet that is not even the most significant question.  The question that rips all religion to senseless shreds is “Why did Jesus die?”

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