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“This devotional starts from the perspective of the believer’s eternal security in Christ, in the effort to give greater meaning and joy to the here and now. Truly, many Christians can benefit from a book like this, especially in America where it is easy to become comfortable with Christianity, and therefore also easy to compromise one’s faith. When you’ve blown it, it is great to be reminded of God’s promise that nothing can separate you from His love. Keith’s book does just that! ” Rashad Jennings

NFL Running Back & Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Mirror Ball Champion

“This is a very inspirational book, we began reading it and it has been a blessing for our family already. Thank you for writing about this somewhat controversial topic. The book explains what salvation really means and how we are eternally secure in God, this is explained so clearly that it’s very easy to understand. This book is very encouraging as well. It is a great devotional piece to value! I can’t wait to read more of your work!” Y. Milla

Lynchburg, VA

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