Remembering The Race That Ultimately Matters

I once had a rather uncomfortable conversation with a man who really despises all religion but especially Christianity. At one point in our gemini 2 discussion, my antagonist made the false accusation that, “Your God condones slavery!” I couldn’t help but make it clear to him that if God condoned slavery, He would not have boldly declared that whoever He sets free is free indeed (John 8:36). He certainly would not have come to earth in the form of a man in order to die to set captives free (Luke 4:18).

Nevertheless, he confidently directed my attention to the Bible and 1 Peter 2:18-20, which says…

You who are slaves must submit to your masters with all respect. Do what they tell you—not only if they are kind and reasonable, but even if they are cruel. For God is pleased when, conscious of his will, you patiently endure unjust treatment. Of course, you get no credit for being patient if you are beaten for doing wrong. But if you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, God is pleased with you.

At that point I told him that I must admit, when read without an understanding of the Scriptures, that text would appear to condone slavery. So what was my answer to him? I will use the first point of this writing to explain. Yet I further highlight a very serious conundrum that American Christians need to be vigilant about. There are at least three things surrounding the issue of race and all the talk of protesting America’s alleged ongoing injustices which we need to keep in mind:

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I Know Who's Going To Win And Why

I first posted this back when the Iowa Caucuses kicked off the primary election process. I re-post it as a reminder of a few very important things that Christians need to be mindful of as we venture through this almost circus-like presidential election cycle.

The presidential race officially began this week with the Iowa Caucuses, which is part of the nomination process whereby a political party ultimately chooses the person it will support as candidate for President of the United States. Somebody called it the Iowa Carcasses; which rings with some truth as some of the lower ranked candidates find out that it is useless to continue in the race and lay their campaigns to rest.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

And though the caucuses are a pretty good indicator of candidates’ potential to win, they are by no means decisive. The race to the White House is only just beginning to heat up.

Politics Will Destroy Politeness

Yet, even now, Christians are divided up and down the line over the various candidates. And they should be since everyone is different and has varying perspectives about life in these United States. And though such division should be limited to the level of friendly differences of opinion, it continues to take on an ever worsening tone.

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