Episode 6: Mark Simpson Interview Show

Standing Tall For Christ; No Legs Required

In this episode I interview Mr. Mark Simpson. Though he was born with inoperative, partially formed legs, given up for adoption, suffered depression to the point of attempting suicide, and even had to have both his legs amputated, today this young man stands tall as a man of God who is happily married and who preaches the gospel of Christ everywhere he goes. Truly Mark’s story is the epitome of an EPIC Comeback!


Episode 5: The “C” of Your EPIC Comeback; CHRIST

Making A Break For Christ's Sake

Welcome to Your EPIC Comeback podcast. In this episode I discuss real meaning of “for Christ’s sake,” which of course is not the way most people intend when they flippantly say it. We live in a world full of reason that we need to make a break for Christ’s sake. We can never hope to live out our EPIC if we are too connected with this world.


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The Bible has a host of allusions to and illustrations of what it means to break for Christ’s sake. For example, there is Abraham, who was told by God to leave his father’s house and just go to a land that he will be shown along the way; who went, and became father of many nations and father of our faith. There is also Joseph who was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, who fled from the presence of the lustful wife of his master Potiphar and suffered years of imprisonment for not wanting to commit adultery with her; who yet became second only to Pharaoh and came to the conclusion that the whole reason his brothers sold him into slavery was God’s plan in order to bless and preserve Israel’s posterity. Then, there is Moses and the people of Israel leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea and getting to witness the destruction of Pharaoh and his army in the process…

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It’s time for your EPIC comeback!

OEM #11: The Resident Great Physician

Not Letting Others' Contagious Lack of Faith In Christ Become Yours

I stumbled across a re-run of the TV show HOUSE where Dr. House was on an international flight back from Singapore when a man sitting next to him began vomiting and developing a fever, headache, stomach pain, and rash.


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As word spread around the plane the man was possibly suffering from the very contagious meningococcal disease, one by one people began to exhibit the same symptoms. It appeared that an outbreak had occurred!

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OEM #10: Onboard With The LORD

Regaining Your Spiritual Moorings In Christ

One of my Twitter followers tweeted something that really struck a chord with me… He was making application of the story in Acts where the apostle Paul was onboard a ship that was sure to be wrecked by a great storm.


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By inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Paul warned the men that though the storm was too much to endure, they would surely die if they jumped ship! The last words of the tweet were “Stay on bored with the Lord!”

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OEM #9: Best Prayed Plans

Building Your EPIC Life On The Best Foundation

Someone said that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. And unfortunately, I for one, have had more than a few occasions in my life where failing to plan was my undoing.


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But I have a little something to add to those words of wisdom. If you’re seeking to live out your enduring purpose in Christ, you will also need to remember that the best laid plans are nothing if they aren’t first and foremost prayed plans.

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Episode 4: Fourfold Forgiveness

The Only Forgiveness Good Enough For GOD

It is one of the most common magic tricks of a magician. Take a sheet of paper or a dollar bill, fold it a few times, and then rip it into pieces right before the eyes of the audience. Next, they do a little presto-change-o, hocus-pocus, or abracadabra! And voila!


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This sort of reminds me of the subject of forgiveness. I submit to you that forgiveness that is for real is four-fold, and cannot be true forgiveness without all four of these elements intact. Sure, many a psychologist (secular and even Christian) tend to focus on one, two, or maybe even three of the things I am about to share with you, but the often get them out of order. Yet, even if they do get them in the right order, they tend to leave out the fourth facet, thereby leaving their patients with something that might appear to be noble, but are not the complete kind of forgiveness that God approves of.

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It’s time for your EPIC comeback!

OEM #8: GOD’s Amazing Grace For Your Race

Keeping GOD The Center of Your Race of Life

Have you ever watched “The Amazing Race” reality show? You know, where couples compete against other couples by looking for clues that will help them be first to complete a worldwide race?


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Some couples get so lost that before the show is halfway over, they know that they have zero hopes of winning the race. And when they get to the finish line, their predictions are confirmed. Why don’t they win? In most cases their problems come when they fail to pay attention to the clues along the way.

The race of life for the Believer is a lot like that. As you live out your enduring purpose in Christ, just know that along the way, God will give grace sufficient to persevere through whatever seeks to hinder or confuse you. But you must be on the look-out for it!

We walk by faith and run with patience. And through the eyes of faith, we see the ways God causes all things to work together for good to them that love Him. So keep your spiritual eyes open!

Wait! I just found a clue… [then last crash of the music] It says, “The difference between “Amazing Race” and “Amazing Grace” is the letter G… Keep GOD at the center of life’s amazing race and in the end you’ll take first place!” We gotta go! We gotta go!

Episode 3: The “E” Of Your EPIC Comeback; Endurance

Enduring To The End In A Troubled World

Welcome to Your EPIC Comeback podcast episode 3. In this show, we will discuss the letter “E” of your EPIC, which is “Endurance”. But first, I’d like to share some insights concerning the state of America in light of the political and social climate today.


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OEM #7: Don’t Prove Them Right!

Not Wondering About Others So God Can Do Wonders Through You

You ever have someone in mind who you admired, but you knew they didn’t care much about you, yet for some strange reason, you felt like going out of your way to get their attention anyway?


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Don’t feel ashamed. All of us have a desire to be liked, loved, or needed. We can express that need in a variety of ways. But here’s a better way to address the urge to be approved of—especially when it comes to those who couldn’t care less about you…

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OEM #6: A Declaration of HIM-Dependence

Living Out Your EPIC Through The Living Word

The 4th of July is the time that we celebrate our nation’s independence. And among other things, one of the primary reasons our forefathers came to this land from England was to be free to worship the living God.


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In just a few hundred years, the world witnessed how a people dependent upon God can rise to become one of the greatest nations ever. Yet, it wasn’t long before we plateaued as we set God’s word aside, and began a steady decline in power.

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