Living Without Giving Terrorists What They Want Most... FEAR

Truly, it is a dark world we live in. ISIS and other Islamic terrorism is spreading like a cancer and even becoming prevalent on American shores with such wickedly cowardice attacks as San Bernardino and Orlando. And then there is yesterday’s devastation at Ataturk airport terminal in Istanbul! But are these things new?


They most certainly are not. They are simply another revolution of the continual downward spiral of sin and its satanic influence on the hearts and minds of humanity. It is why as Christians, we must seek to love and embrace those who are different from us, but only as much as we can do so without choosing to compromise with sin. Compromise with sin, and sin will win again and again!

Adapting To The Dark

Dwell in a dark room long enough, and your eyes will begin to adapt enabling you to navigate with limited visibility, requiring you to proceed with caution. Unfortunately, many (if not most) people simply do not mind living with such limitations and relatively low light.

Yet when one stubs a toe, what or who do they curse? Is it the fault of the darkness? Perhaps the blunt object kicked is to blame. It is likely that the one most to blame is the one to whom the toe belongs for not being more careful. Yet to blame oneself is so politically incorrect anymore that it leaves most of us in moral lethargy. What’s the use? Right? 

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OEM #5: Trust Issues

Overcoming Faith's Enemy and Rival

Do you have trust issues when it comes to God? I’d have to admit that sometimes I do. Here’s the issue: Just when I decide to trust God to get me through, a new aspect of the trouble presents itself.


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Like Peter, it seems just as I get the courage to step out of the boat onto the sea of my difficulty, the wind and the waves increase intensity! But that’s when a small voice reminds me that the storm I face is the very reason I first decided to trust the Lord.

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OEM #4: Cup Cleanliness Issues

The Inner-You Matters Most

Due to rennovations not yet complete in the new building where I work, for now, I have to wash my coffee cup in the nearest restroom. You see, sometimes, I have to set my mug on the sink in there…


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To clean it, I first pump soap into the cup, then thoroughly wash it–inside first, then out. Then, I make sure that I dry it the same way. Obsessive-compulsive you think? Perhaps, but I think I’m in good company.

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Episode 2: The Strength of Weakness

When You Are Weak, Who Is Strong For You?

There is a prevailing sort of success-driven mantra we often hear that says you can do absolutely anything you want. Just put your mind to it. And while that may be true for many things we could attempt, it seems that it has little to no bearing on many Christians who have tried their hardest, even for years, to accomplish something worthwhile. Has buying into the “I can do anything…” mindset left you frustrated and feeling a little defeated? Well, have you considered the source of your strengths?


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You might be able to accomplish just about anything you put YOUR mind to, but even if you reach that goal, you will not find fulfillment if you are not accomplishing that which God has put HIS mind to for you. Always remember that we are still ‘servants’ of the Lord and He still has specific purposes for each of us. And If we focus too much on our perceived strengths, we will rarely feel the need to lean and depend upon the God who is the absolute source of all of our power.

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OEM #3: Your Most Significant Doubters

Staying Focused Despite The Unbelief of Those Closest To You

How should you respond when you’re on your EPIC Comeback and a close friend or a loved-one does not trust or believe in you? I try to remember Jesus.


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Matthew 13:58 says that Jesus did not do many miracles in his hometown of Nazareth. Why not? Well, we know it wasn’t because he couldn’t. He’s God!
But it was because they didn’t believe in him, thereby making themselves unworthy of his best.

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OEM #2: Not Going Along To Get Along

Sometimes Not Getting Along May Be Required

As you become more active in your Enduring Purpose In Christ, don’t expect fanfare, or praise. There may or may not be supporters. But you can rest assured that there is celebration in heaven over you! And that’s the only party that truly matters!

OEM_Episode2_GoingAlong1_Banner copy

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In fact, don’t be surprised if people begin to ostracize or find fault with you instead of encouraging you. The more you walk in your purpose in Christ, the more you look like Him, and the less comfortable those who aren’t living their EPIC will feel in your glow.

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OEM #1: Introduction of Series

Introducing About A Minute of Exhortation Between Weekly Podcasts

Here is the first installment which serves as the introduction to the One EPIC Minute clips I will be posting between my weekly Your EPIC Comeback podcasts. I hope that you are edified and God is glorified…


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Whether it is something triumphant or something tragic, a mere moment can be absolutely pivotal! For example; like when the Warriors faced off against the Cavaliers for this year’s NBA title.

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About A Minute of Exhortation Between Your EPIC Comeback Weekly Episodes

An epic minute is an approximately 60-second audio clip that will be offered several days a week (at first) with the goal of being offered daily. The premise is that many life-altering things, whether good or bad, can happen within just a minute.
Whether it is something triumphant or something tragic, mere moments can be epochal (pun-intended)! For example, two teams (such as the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers) compete all year long, giving it their best, and then make it to the NBA Finals. There is little to no margin for error as they go a full seven games.

The seventh game would decide an entire season by going down to the final minute before revealing any idea who would be the likely winner. Today, the Cavaliers (a 52 year old team) is enjoying its first ever NBA Championship. I tuned in that night, and I assure you that up until the final seconds it was anybody’s game!

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Episode 1: Peter’s Epic Restoration

Presenting The Your EPIC Comeback Podcast Ministry

Well! Its finally here! And how ironic that we are finally ready to launch on Father’s Day! I feel like I’ve given birth! Well, forgive me ladies–no man could ever actually know what that feels like. But you get my meaning.


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I would like to thank our great God and Savior for blessing me with the ability, the mind, and the heart to do any type of ministry at all. I mean, who is really sufficient for these things anyway? It is truly all of God’s grace that sinners like us get to serve Him. Please enjoy the first episode. You can share the podcast right on the player above. You can subscribe in the sidebar to the right of this post.


Celebrating Your Sonship In Christ

As we approach Father’s Day, this post is just a word of encouragement for Christians who may have been abandoned by their earthly father…

Growing up without a father is one of the most painful things a child can endure. And yet growing up fatherless is often only the beginning of the pain, especially for those whose fathers chose to be absent from their lives.


Many of the life-lessons that could be learned under the careful and stern guidance of a loving father are instead learned the hardest of ways (if ever even learned at all). Mistakes that a loving father could have helped curtail or prevent are made which can result in a lifetime of regret.

Surely, every dad who has ever chosen to walk out on his child has his reasons–reasons that may in some grander scheme even be excusable. But for the child who is abandoned, no excuse can ever do. For that child has been deprived of a super-hero, a security blanket, a rock whose mere presence could easily have made so many things right.

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Satanic Cowardice Loses Again!

Rest in peace Christina… The devil thought he had you, but “to be absent from the body…” “No power of hell or scheme of man, can ever pluck you from Christ’s hand!” Hallelujah! ‪#‎RIPChristinaGrimmie‬

And so begins Her EPIC Comeback! God has millions of ways to use us! Christina’s Enduring Purpose In Christ is only just beginning!

No power of hell or scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand, for I am His and He is mine, bought with the precious blood of Christ!


4 Simple Ways To Defeat The Temptation To Give Up

Have you ever had occasion to watch Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Are you as amazed as I am at the levels of endurance that must be required to make it through one of those crazy matches? Though knockout punches and kicks are pretty impressive, I am awestruck at some of the techniques that MMA fighters use to grapple with each other while down on the mat.


And as they fight, they, through brute strength, quickness and flexibility, often find themselves tied in what looks like knots.  I cannot imagine constantly having to fight at such close quarters.  Equally impressive to me are some of the intuitive ways a fighter maneuvers himself to place an inescapable submission hold on his opponent.

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