The Main Reason We Must Speak Out Against What Target Is Doing

It is probably one of the most approachable and mildly worded translations of the Bible. And yet, even The Good News Translation puts Isaiah 5:19-21 like this: “You say, ‘Let the Lord hurry up and do what he says he will, so that we can see it. Let Israel’s holy God carry out his plans; let’s see what he has in mind.’ You are doomed! You call evil good and call good evil. You turn darkness into light and light into darkness. You make what is bitter sweet, and what is sweet you make bitter. You are doomed! You think you are wise, so very clever.”


I write this post primarily to my fellow Believers to beg you to please do not play into the hands of the secondary argument that pedophiles and perverts are going to have access to our women and children in public restrooms. Though this argument seems to be the most compelling reason we need to stand against Target’s new policy, it is little more than a straw man which is being defeated by the irrational opinions of the politically (sinfully) correct crowd.

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You Can Never Be Good Enough To Come To Jesus

It is amazing how many people live each day with the belief that they have to get themselves right before they can come to the LORD. If such were possible, then why would they even need Him? It is a great satanic deception that has its beginnings as far back as, well, the beginning.


In the garden of Eden, the serpent convinced Eve that she could somehow take matters into her own hands and actually become like God.

And why in the world would that old serpent want people to become like God through their own efforts? It’s quite simple really; Satan knows that it was for the very same reason that he was cast down from his high position as a former angel in heaven. His is a fall that he can never recover from. So he figures, why not lead humans to do the same thing!

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Why You Should Have Joy Even When There’s So Much Pain In The World

I got a chat from my friend John Serrano early this morning. His heart was breaking at all of the wickedness that he sees going on in the world. And I definitely agree with him–this world is getting worse by the day, and it hurts me to the core of my spirit! And all I can say is that if it were not for one very important thing of which I am constantly reminded and certain, I would be absolutely overcome with sadness. But I’m not…


A sadist is one who is excessively cruel or who delights in cruelty or in others’ suffering. I define the word to simply say that although we are not sadists, Christians shouldn’t be the saddest either. Though we take no pleasure in the suffering that is result of the rampant wickedness putrefying the world’s moral landscape, we still have reason to rejoice.

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“Your EPIC Comeback Podcast’s Theme Music!”

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"Escape Plan" by Sunshine Music

I purchased rights to this song titled “Escape Plan” by Sunshine Music to use as the permanent theme music for the podcast! The title is so fitting as the world, the flesh, and the devil tries to keep us in the prisons of our past sins and mistakes. But Jesus has boldly declared that who the Son sets free is free indeed!

Every Christian has an Enduring Purpose In Christ–an EPIC which they are meant to live. Webster’s defines epic as that which is “heroic”, or “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.” When you live in your God-directed gifting and calling, you are in the most fulfilling place you can ever be in this life! The infinite kingdom of God and His righteousness are your first priorities.

You see, the race is not given to the swift or the strong, but to the one who endures to the end! And you cannot persevere and win at life’s marathon apart from the purpose God has for you! It is God working in you to will and do what pleases Him (your purpose) that enables you to endure whatever this life throws at you!

Romans 11:29 declares that the gifts and calling of God are never taken back! So no matter what you’ve done, it’s time for your EPIC comeback!

More info on this ministry to come…