The World Would Rather See You Sin Than Win...

It is one of the most horrific stories of cheating in all the annals of sports history. On a Saturday night in Las Vegas, June 28, 1997 to be precise, the bite felt around the world occurred when boxers “Iron” Mike Tyson and Evander “Real-Deal” Holyfield squared off for the world heavyweight title.


Believe it or not, in their first bout, Holyfield was coming back from an early retirement and was unanimously favored to lose. Yet he defeated Tyson in the 11th round! In fight two, the odds seemed to once again be in Tyson’s favor. Surely, he wouldn’t lose a second time to the man he should have easily beaten before.

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A Brief Reminder To Start Running

There is an inherent beauty left undiscovered in your failure that must remain veiled until you can get such a distance from it that, as you look back, all you can see for miles is a track-record of righteous running. And there is no better moment than now to start covering the distance.

Beautiful Message Graphic

In Christ, you now have the permission, the power, and the momentum to begin making a perfect mess into a beautiful message. But you must get on the redemptive road and run! And once you start, there is no better thing you can do than to stay on that track and not look back until Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith, prompts you to!

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What Are You Going To Do With It?

Read any good books lately? Well, let me recommend one… It is a book called Living Forward by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy. The purpose of the book is to walk you through some proven strategies and principles to help you create a plan for the life that you want to live.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.31.13 PM

from a Facebook post earlier today

Now, is it a “you can do whatever you want” type book? You know, the kind that makes you out to be your own god or something? Not at all. In fact, I’ve met Michael Hyatt and have come to know that he places a premium on studying the Bible and seeking God’s guidance for his life on a daily basis. I believe you will gather that as you read through this book.

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In Christ It IS Alright Now...

The Beatles’ song “Here Comes The Sun,” penned by band member George Harrison, has an interesting story that I find to be a fitting illustration of the misery we can expect if we seek to do life without Christ. It is believed that George wrote the song one day while sitting in his friend Eric Clapton’s garden.


It was during a difficult time for the band and personally for George. He compared the long, dreary winters in England to life and how he longed for better days. Surely as a rock star, he had a long list of problems that would discourage anyone (drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, depression, etc.). But the hope that things would somehow get better inspired him to write a song that has probably encouraged people everywhere to look at the bright side of things.

But better than any Beatles song or any other song could ever be, Christ’s resurrection serves to tell you something about the S-O-N that you would do well to know and never forget. And that is if you think that you have said “so long” to your best days, know that Christ’s resurrection tells us that the best is still yet to come! And here’s what you need to do to prepare for it:

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One More Reason Why The Truly Saved Cannot Be Lost

Let’s have a little hypothetical situation-type fun for a moment. Say you had to emergency parachute from a plane at 15,000 feet because it was about to explode due to an engine fire. Now you’re heading hundreds of feet per second toward earth. Tell me, how many options do you have at this point? Most would probably say “one”. Some would say “two”.


But you’d be pretty hard pressed to find more options than one or two right? But what option is there other than pulling the rip-cord and parachuting safely to the ground? Well, you could just enjoy the free-fall and hope to survive the sudden stop at the bottom. So in this instance you really only have two options don’t you; live or die!

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Problems I Have With Today's Pretty Jesuses

When you look around at all the depictions of Jesus, whether in the art of days gone by or even in modern day movies, what kind of Jesus do you see?  I mean, aesthetically speaking.

Is He not usually the tall, dark, handsome guy whose appearance anyone would admire?  Why is that?  Has anyone actually ever painted a real picture of the real Jesus?

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