Remembering Who We Are To Be Both Politically and Otherwise

Pride, even in its sincerest form, can begin to blind us to the reality of the unfailing fact that it is by faith that the just live and walk. Yet, for many of us today, it is no different than when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, and their eyes were opened (Genesis 3:7); they began to look at life with the eyes of a fallen sinful nature rather than the eyes of pure faith in a holy and righteous God.

image courtesy of depositphoto.com/rcreitmeyer

image courtesy of depositphotos.com/rcreitmeyer

Their fallen sight made them see shame and blame in each other, and worse, it caused them to try to avoid the voice of God (Genesis 3:7-8). Each of us have been infected with the same sort of spiritual ocular degeneration. Like Eve’s deception and Adam’s prideful choice, today, we let politics and religion divide us, and worse, we try to navigate the issues of this life apart from God’s clearly revealed word.

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Majoring On The Minors To Our Own Detriment

I am blessed to work at a place where I know thousands and thousands of Christians are prepared and launched out into the world with a quality education seasoned with a solid Christian world-view. But I must also say that I am a bit shocked at the backlash Liberty University continues to get from people who actually completed their undergraduate, graduate, and even post-graduate degrees here, who rush to social media to tell the world that Liberty is departing from its Christian principles and values.


I’ve been working, studying and ministering here for years, and the last time I checked, the mission of Liberty University has not changed. So this tells me at least a couple of things. Either many of those former students griped, complained, and compromised their way through their education here, or perhaps they are just being swayed by the cunning craftiness of the media.

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What Is a Blessing?

For those deep Christian scholars out there who swear up and down that material things have nothing to do with being blessed, I ask you: What was it that Jesus gave to the people to eat when he fed 5,000 after he “blessed” it? What was it that he gave to the disciples in the upper room after he “blessed” it? It was real (material) food…


Stop going from one extreme to another with stuff, please:

 “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” (James 1:17).

Last I checked, the constellations are physical (or material), which means that spiritual, mental, and physical things can be blessings, okay? Those who fail to see this part of the spectrum don’t even realize that they are thanking God a whole lot less than they should be.

And yes, unlike “truth”, blessings ARE relative. A poor man in Malawi who was just given his first pair of shoes can feel just as blessed as the wealthy woman in Winnetka Village who only had to have her feet amputated to cure her of a disease that would have killed her.

So, what is a blessing? It is anything good, be it spiritual, mental, or physical, which impacts someone’s life in a way that gives praise, honor, or glory to GOD. Please get this, and start giving GOD ALL the glory! I love you, and hope you can receive this great spiritual truth.

This world already fails to thank and praise GOD enough. Don’t knock someone who sees some good “thing” as a blessing from GOD; it still works perfectly with “every-“.