The America With And The America Without God's Word

This past Sunday, my pastor preached a message where he took a moment to address the issues he has with the Confederate Flag. After explaining why Christians should reconsider bearing that flag, he ended his point with the fact that in this country, “We as Americans, we have one flag to fly–that’s the American flag. And we should not be flying a flag that is a stumbling-block, that is hurtful to other people in our midst, in our country, and in our church. We shouldn’t be doing it. Racism is sin!”

You can watch and listen to Pastor Jonathan’s poignant thoughts on racism (starting at the 48 minute mark) by clicking HERE

pastor jonathan

Needless to say, that truth nearly brought a tear to my eye! And as it did, I was also reminded of those who have said, and will say, “But wait! Slavery was legal for hundreds of years under the American flag! What about that?” And while that sounds like a very good question, I think that I can prove that such a question is not quite as good as one might think.

Liberty Based On Biblical Principles

You see, while it was under the American flag that slavery and racial segregation legally existed, it was also under that American flag that slavery and racial segregation were made illegal. But it was not the American flag that brought about such just legislation. It was simply what the American flag represents that makes the flag so important.

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3 Basic Categories of Lying And Why God Hates It

When you get right down to it, a lie is a lie. But then there are basically three categories that they can fall into, all of which are hated by God. In Proverbs 6:17b and 19a we read that God hates, a lying tongue, [and] …a false witness who speaks lies.


The Lying Tongue

This speaks of a person who seeks to deceive with words. When people make up their minds that they are going to tell a lie, they may not realize it but they are placing themselves under the control of a power that Jesus

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Making Sure That America Hears The Gospel

What was the ultimate cause of death to drowning victims, or to people who died of either frostbite or heat exhaustion? Aside from what (or who) was responsible for them being in that situation, there remains one common denominator. Simply put, they were all overcome by the pressures of their immediate surroundings. But, how might death have been averted for such victims?


Well, for example, if the drowning victim only drowned because of not knowing how to swim, then knowing how to swim would have been the escape. Or if the heat exhaustion victim only died because of not knowing the symptoms, then knowing the signs and getting out of the heat in time would have prevented death.

Needless to say, knowing how to avoid or avert things that could prove fatal to us is critical. Which is why in most areas of the civilized/industrialized world, it is actually illegal to not post warnings on products and in areas that could be hazardous to human life.

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THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: Waking Up From The American Dream Part 3 of 3

I first posted this three part blog in 2013. I decided not to update any of the content so that each year around Independence Day, we could revisit it to gauge the progress of Christianity in America. The other two parts are available by clicking the buttons below:

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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are… the pursuit of happiness. (Declaration of Independence, 1776)

Yesterday, I mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah; and if you know the Bible’s account of their destruction, you remember that while the two angels were going down into Sodom to rescue Abraham’s nephew Lot from the coming devastation, Abraham was essentially interceding for him with the Lord.

Genesis 18 shows us that Abraham first asked the Lord if he will destroy the righteous with the wicked; to which the Lord said He would not. Then Abraham asked the Lord if He would destroy Sodom if fifty righteous people were there. And the Lord again said that He would not.

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