& We Refuse To Let The World's Hatred Silence Us

Where else is it more common than among Christians to see forgiveness being immediately offered to the cold-blooded killer of their family and loved ones? Dylann Roof was immediately offered forgiveness because that is what true Christians are about. And while the evidence shows that the Emanuel AME Church attack was racially motivated, we know that ultimately John 15:18-19 has once again proven to be true…WhatWeAreFor

If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. – Jesus

It is said (unfortunately even by many who call themselves Christian) that the world knows Christians better by what we are against than by what we are for. And that might ring true in some situations. But the fact remains that the predominant reason why a fallen world would rather that Christians keep their faith to themselves is because it knows us best by what we are for and simply doesn’t always like to acknowledge that…

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In This Life, But All The More After Life Ends

Homosexuality is not the ultimate issue. Neither is racism, terrorism, politics, ecology, or the economy. The love of God, His hatred for sin, and the eternal souls of people is what is really at stake. And everybody does not have to state this fact, but somebody definitely needs to. I’ll just let it be me…


Any love that sins may seem or feel like a love that wins because sin has pleasure for a season (e.g., Heb. 11:25). But in the end, such love always loses. Winning at all costs in the here and now is pointless to a people who have a King whose kingdom is not of this world. Jesus, who was absolutely innocent, yet mercilessly killed anyway, said after He gave Himself to his murderers that, “If my kingdom was of this world, then my servants would fight to free me” (John 18:36).

Very often, Christians will appear to a fallen world as the losers in life. It even appeared that Christ lost… but He is risen! So to win by the standards of a sinful world can sometimes mean a loss by the heavenly standard of a holy God.

And rather than saving face in this life or exercising His omnipotent power to subdue a fallen world, Jesus simply loved the people of the world enough to give them every reason to abandon it and follow Him. Never forget what Jesus had to say concerning His followers…

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3 Critical Things Christians Must Know About Feeling vs. Being Blessed

You may know the popular song, “Blessed,” by Big Sean featuring Kanye West and Drake. Lately it seems it is being played everywhere. I’ve even heard innocent little children singing it. That is the thing that troubles me most.


Also, some professing Christians are singing and practically promoting the song, which makes me wonder: Is it that they are not listening to all of the lyrics, or could it be that they have become so desensitized to that which is ungodly that it simply no longer registers with them?

At first I had only heard references of the chorus of the song. But then I got a check in my spirit to research it. When I read through all of the lyrics, I have to say that I was completely caught off guard and shocked by them. They were just too graphic for me to be specific. But I will say that they spoke of posting and viewing male and female genitalia on social media and other explicit references to sexual intercourse, the lust for money and material things; the entire song was filled with all sorts of obscenity.

Feel free to see what I mean by reading the lyrics for yourself HERE. But it is the chorus of the song that I seek to address in order to perhaps make Christians a bit more wary of the subtleties of the sinful, the satanic, the demonic influences that are rampant in our society today.

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When Your Worst Critic In Life Is Your Husband Or Your Wife

It’s like the hottest thing on social media these days. Motivational speakers are telling everybody how to have success at all costs. Once, I replied to one of their tweets I read which essentially said that “If anyone you know constantly criticizes you and hinders rather than helps you achieve your dream, get them out of your life!”

Being the inquisitive type I tend to be, my response was in the form of a simple question—“But, what if that someone is your husband or wife?” Now, with as many followers as I have, you would think that somebody (if only the one who tweeted), would have responded. Yet for days after my reply, I still got no love from the Twittersphere on my question!

First, let me say that I DO NOT think that the originator of that particular tweet felt the way that I am about to describe. I simply believe that the lack of a reply from anyone to my question was an indicator of the times in which we live.

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Victim or Victor?

Determining To Be Victorious Over Past Hurts

This is probably one of my shortest blog posts of all. But it is long on truth when it comes to one who is in Christ and their past hurts. When allowing others to speak into your hurtful situation, be very careful not to let those well-meaning people set you up to play victim for the rest of your life.

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There is not much more validation you will need in order to adopt better (or worse) feelings about yourself (or others) than when someone you see as an authority speaks to you.  Their words can make you play the victim or be the victor. The world is full of sincere, well-meaning, even Christian counsel. And there is a place for it, as long as it is biblical, and it truly frees you to love even your enemies.

Then, there is the absolute authority on every life-issue, namely Jesus Christ. He didn’t spend time psycho-analyzing what sins brought a person to their point of calamity or who caused them hurt. He spoke true words of freedom through getting them to agree with Him about their sins or their hurts. Then he told them “You are healed now”, “You are whole now”, not “You will be whole eventually, but it may take a good deal of time to get there.”

Don’t be fooled!  Jesus still operates the very same way today!  It is our faith that has diminished, not the power of Truth!


When Reality TV Really Becomes Reality

We live in a world that uses sex to sell and promote just about everything—even toys and cartoons. Sex education in schools is reaching whole new lows as our children are indoctrinated at younger and younger ages into things they have neither the need to know, nor the ability to fully comprehend.


Yet, when by what a perverted society drives in, children act out their confused passions, the same world which continues to promote such sin seeks to crucify rather than care for and try to help correct them.

As wrong as it is for anyone to sexually molest, abuse, or rape anyone else, the very same crowd that glorifies sex for the sake of entertainment, is most often the same that is almost instantly ready to write off children who are the likely products of its petulance. Passions of children are so easily confused, which is why there is no better ideal than to, as much as possible, raise our children “with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4) rather than letting them be conformed to this world (Romans 12:2).

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