How Then Should Christians Live?

Mud wrestling or just playing around in it can be loads of fun, can’t it? But there comes a point in time when the fun and games have to end and you have to wash it off so that you can function normally. Imagine a surgeon doing a triple by-pass with muddy hands. Or would you like to have your dinner prepared then dumped into the mud so you can eat it?


The fact is that there are visible and invisible dirt and germs everywhere already, but none of us would want to eat where no one ever washes their hands and nothing is ever cleaned and sanitized. We would want our food, our eating surfaces, our doctor’s offices, hospitals, and nurseries as clean as possible right? Well, Christ feels the same way about His body—the Church.

The Church Truly Cares For Sinners

Yet, there is an insidious mindset that is spreading and growing in popularity today among people (even so-called Christians) who try to assert that the Church is all about discrimination and intolerance.

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A Better Question To Answer

WWJD – Surely you know of this once wildly popular bracelet campaign. Some estimate that by the end of the nineties, well over fifty million WWJD bracelets were sold in the U.S. alone. I believe that it was reasonably effective in making people think twice about moral choices.


But, after the massive enthusiasm of the WWJD movement has waned, what Jesus would do if He was here today still seems to be the sentiment of many people, albeit for a slightly different reason.

You see, today, people (some who claim to be Christians and even non-Christians) use the “if Jesus was here today” approach to defend the immoral choices and lifestyles of people for the sake of political (or cultural) correctness. They will say things like, “If Jesus was here today, He would love and not judge people.”

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What Should Be Expected (And Respected) Of Faithful Christians

God continually speaks, but only those who will to do His will can continually discern whether it is Him speaking or if someone else is. His word (the Bible) is the best possible litmus test to know whether or not something is of God.


So let’s take a brief look at some passages from Romans chapter fourteen that speak to some of the craziness surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) debacle. I’ll save the other issues at stake with the RFRA for my more politically adept brothers and sisters to address. 

It is no coincidence that there is so much debate and animosity surrounding a simple statement made about not “catering” a gay wedding. And I guess that it doesn’t even matter if the statement is made by someone who is not a professional caterer. So the question I offer for the discerning Christian in America today is, “To cater, or not to cater?” That is the question. And you know what? God, through His word, has an answer.

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