Confession of an Accused Bibliolater

After twenty years in the United States Navy, and many of those years spent on the high seas, I reflect fondly upon a few of the wonderful aspects of seafaring life. And I have to say that, next to liberty call, at home or in some beautiful mediterranean port, there was nothing else quite as exciting for me as hearing these two simple words on the ship’s 1MC announcement system — “Mail Call!”


My first ship had a crew of well over five-thousand men. And while we were deployed, mail call was always a most anticipated event.

It was so nice to get care packages filled with homemade cookies or some of the things we could only buy in America. And for those of us who had a wife or girlfriend, it was extra special; the next best thing to being with her was receiving letters written by her that she spritzed with her sweetest perfume and

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When people go hiking, they journey through places they do not actually live. They travel light, and they are always mindful of the fact that they have a permanent home somewhere else.


This is a lot like the life of the Christ-follower who maintains very loose ties with a fallen world because he knows that there is a new, eternal, and completely righteous, world that he belongs to. The born again Believer lives for the love of her God and for a world that operates as He originally intended–without sin.

God hates sin, but has gone immeasurable lengths in showing that He loves us and wants nothing but the best for us. But God’s best does not usually come packaged

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Christian, how does it make you feel when you hear a verse of Scripture that says something like this? “Dear children, the last hour is here. You have heard that the Antichrist is coming, and already many such antichrists have appeared. From this we know that the end of the world has come” (1 John 2:18, NLT).


Are you reminded of a Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins thriller? Or do you feel like this passage was perhaps for days gone by, and has no real significance for us today? Would you rather not even talk about it, because it smacks of so many satanic conspiracy theories about the end of the world? Maybe you are ashamed to let other people know that your “religion” even speaks of such things.

Sometimes we find ourselves so disconnected from the reality of the Bible and its prophecies that we fail to see it being fulfilled right before our eyes. So allow me to offer you another look at 1 John 2:18, but this time, in the Good News Translation of the Bible. “My children, the end is near! You were told that the Enemy of Christ would come; and now many enemies of Christ have already appeared, and so we

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There is a real drifting away taking place among us that if we are not careful may soon completely grab hold and cause us to die of spiritual asphyxiation. The fresh air of Spiritual truth breathed upon the faithful few who still believe that the Bible is God’s word is becoming the rarest of commodities in our culture.


The well of water that should be springing up seems to be ebbing as we continue to find a false fulfillment in that which is temporal rather than living by the word of God in light of a blessed eternity.

There are people everywhere shunning anything the Bible has to say about holiness and righteous living just to get along or make life easier for themselves. But please do not be mistaken about sin; even in its mildest form, it has pleasure for a season. It sweetly lures people into believing that the Bible is full of errors and that there is some better way.

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7 Reasons Why Some Christians Find It So Convenient To Openly Write And Post Negative Things About The Church & Other Christians, And Why They Shouldn’t

Yes, I know that the title is long. But there was no other way that I was comfortable with titling it. And I almost hated to write this because I do not want to give in to and become guilty of the very thing that is breaking my heart today.


Yet, because of the growing number of blog posts being written by people who say they are Christians but are finding it much more important to speak to the world about the faults of the Church and of other Christians, than to lovingly handle their issues by the Word of God amongst fellow Believers, I have to speak up. And before I do, I’d like to also mention how badly the apostle Paul felt about stuff like this (1 Cor. 6:1-8):

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