An Open Letter To A Young Lady About Her Man

How do you define a man who loves the Lord? Is he the most astute Bible scholar or the man who crosses every “t” and dots every “i”? Of course not. In fact, there is no singular attribute that can even come close to making the best distinction.


But when it comes to the man with whom you as a Christian young woman are involved, it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to define.

You see men, well, we are for the most part, visually stimulated creatures–especially when it comes to the opposite sex. When a man connects with a woman, it is not long before he begins to show just about all of the cards in his deck. And in most cases, if you want to be honest with yourself as a woman, you will likely be able to detect early on whether or not the deck he is playing with is a trick one.

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The Polarizing Expression Of GOD

Have you ever seen the great Tom Hanks movie “The Polar Express?” As I watched it for the umpteenth time, I was stricken with a thought that I simply had to share. In this delightful must-see Christmas epic, a group of children are onboard a train bound for the North Pole.


During their magical journey, they experience the fun and the fantastic as well as the frightening and the regrettable–a lot like the realities we all face throughout life. Along for the whimsical ride are essentially two groups of children–the few who doubt or at least wonder if Santa Claus is real, and the rest who have no doubt whatsoever about ole St. Nick. Nevertheless, they all have one wish, and that is to see Santa face to face!

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How GOD’s Yes Hangs On YOUR Amen

Have you ever had to hang laundry out to dry? If so, you know that you have to take each item, one by one, grab a couple of clothespins, then connect them to a line of rope between a couple of posts. You were high-tech if you had a pully-type that brought the next space on the line to you.HowGODsYesHangs

For people who cannot afford or don’t have a dryer, the tediousness of hanging clothes to dry might not seem like such a chore. However, in this easy-access, hot-n-ready, 15 minutes or less world in which we live, hanging laundry, or anything that takes effort and time tends to be sorely despised and even avoided.

Unfortunately, for many of us as Believers, the same thing happens in our walks with Christ. We make a particular request to God a time or two, then when we don’t get it right away, we quit praying about it. But is our unwillingness to wait patiently the only problem? Hardly. If that were the case, then all it would take for us to get anything from God would be to just be desperate enough to wait. But there is one other very important factor that it all hinges upon.

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One Way

Six Identifiers Of The True & Living GOD

Have you ever heard of some of the tactics used by the Secret Service to protect the President? There is at least one particular measure utilized that, no matter how sophisticated technology becomes, will never get old. It is the use of decoy vehicles.


The President travels in a motorcade for his protection. And usually there are several black SUVs or sedans with black tinted windows in the group. This is sometimes done so that should there ever be an ambush, the chances of the attacker hitting the President’s vehicle will be drastically reduced. There are even times when the Presidential motorcade leaves a location without the President. Given the proper threat level, He may exit by some other route at another time. This is another maneuver to keep would-be assassins from successfully getting to the President.

Decoys and diversionary tactics are tried and true, and Satan has used similar methods from the beginning of time to this very day. And how would he describe his approach (if he were honest)? He’d probably say something like this: “Create religion decoys and diversions so that more and more people will miss the true way.”

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