The Object In Your Mirror

You see it practically every day. And because you do, it is easy to fail to appreciate the eternal value of what is seen whenever you look at it. Author/Blogger Rasmenia Massoud writes, “There are no mirrors of any kind in here. If there were, I’d want to smash them, but I wouldn’t. Instead, I’d probably just stare at them, giving myself negative affirmations.”

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Yes, there is that dreaded mirror! And unfortunately, most of us have simply grown used to not liking what we see when we look into one, perhaps with good reason.

Your Perception Determines Your Reflection

Yet, there is no reason good enough for you or me to truly hate what we see when we look into the mirror. And here’s why: First, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, therefore, to hate what we see when we look into the mirror is to hate the image and likeness of God. Secondly, the mirror is only reflecting back to us what we see with the eyes of our hearts. When we change our hearts for the better, then our perception of things is improved.

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GOD’s Greatest Pre-CHRIST Act Of Mercy

Go with me to the garden of Eden for a moment. You know, to that place where the Bible tells us that humanity fell into sin?

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Genesis chapter three gives us the account of how it all happened. And each time I read it I find something more wondrous about the God of all creation than I learned before—but this one thing perhaps takes the proverbial cake!

Charles Spurgeon said that, “The Lord’s mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.” And there was probably no darker horse to ride into Adam and Eve’s lives than when they realized what they had done in eating the forbidden fruit.

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Condemnation: When The Elephant In The Room Becomes The One On Your Back

Elephants are known for having fantastic long-term memory.  But elephants are also known for their size. This largest of all land animals can weigh in at a wopping 27,000 pounds! That is why the term “the elephant in the room” is used by us.

The elephant in the room is something obvious (or too big to miss) that should be addressed or dealt with that nobody seems to want to. If you or someone you know has really screwed-up in life and a lot of people knew about it, then you probably understand the term.

And elephants are a great illustration for what this post seeks to convey concerning people’s unwillingness to forget your past. You see, there exists a very subtle enemy of your Christian life. That enemy is a long—term memory having, 27,000 pound weighing spirit crusher known as condemnation!

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Your Worst To God’s First… Mis-Timed To His Time

We pray to God asking Him to give us a second chance to serve Him after we have failed. And for many, that is precisely what they should be asking for.

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But what if, for many other people, this is the wrong request? Should we expect God to grant us our requests if we are not asking Him for the right things?

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How Far Is Forgiveness?

You might have heard in the news recently that a space probe launched back in 2004 by the European Space Agency (ESA) became the first ever to orbit a comet.

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The Rosetta orbiter caught up with Comet 67P halfway between the planets Jupiter and Mars, and now satellites the comet. This rendezvous which began on 6 August 2014 took place about 250 million miles from earth!

Such incredible facts about the distances we are able to send spacecraft brought to my mind something that we should carefully consider as Christians concerning the issue of forgiveness. Please don’t miss this…

Psalm 103:12 presents one of the most wonderful truths about forgiveness we can ever know:

As far as the east is from the west, so far does [God] remove our transgressions from us.

How far apart is the east from the west, really? Well, if you look at it from a mere earthly standpoint, go far enough east and you will come back around from the west.

It’s a silly thought really, but it is also a great analogy of the unforgiving heart of the one who walks in an earthly rather than heavenly spirit. James 3:15 tells us that jealous bitterness does not come from heaven, but is earthly, un-spiritual and demonic. And people who are in the flesh hold others’ sins against them—like the turning of the earth causes it to pass through the same four seasons every year, such people keep bringing up the faults of others.

But people who have the mind of Christ think outside the earthly sphere. James says that the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. Those who walk in the Spirit realize that the God of the universe forgives us infinitely! They forgive because they know how completely they are forgiven of God.

They understand that traveling east across God’s universe could never, ever end up west because the universe is not just this little rock floating in space called earth. Like the Rosetta orbiter sent out by the ESA years ago is a quarter of a billion miles away and still going, God has, through Christ, sent our transgressions on an infinite course away from us, to never be held against us again!

So how far is forgiveness? Two hundred and fifty million miles doesn’t even begin to count the distance God separates the worst sins from those who put their trust in His Son!

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has [infinitely] forgiven you…