You would think that many Christians took a “hypocritic oath”. We say that we are followers of the Great Physician who said that “You shall be witnesses for Me”. Yet we don’t tell people about Jesus.

How To “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”

When Satan tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, it wasn’t that he was just trying to get them to break God’s law and swallow a bite of apple, pomegranate or whatever it was.  He was trying to get them to sample a taste of sin.

Satan was seeking to get to all human hearts through the head of the human race. And he was extremely successful in his efforts. You see, the Devil knew that once we got a taste of sin, we would sin again and again.  And it was from that moment in the Garden of Eden that the hearts of all humanity were in trouble.

There is a disease which is a hardening of the heart organ called cardiomyopathy. When the human heart is in that condition, it cannot properly pump life-sustaining blood throughout the body; which results in poor physical health, other diseases and possibly even death.

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Getting In The Habit of Hallelujah!

Two friends, Julie and Nancy, both claimed to be Christians. Yet Julie faithfully served her local church and continually shared her faith with people. Nancy, however, believed that her faith was a private issue. She never attended church and never shared her faith with others.

During a conversation they were having over a cup of coffee, Julie tried to lovingly explain to Nancy some reasons why sharing her faith and church attendance were important. Nancy immediately began to make a defense.

“I don’t need to tell people about my faith! After all, the Lord told the man that he healed in Matthew 8:4 to go and tell no one what He did for him!” To that Julie responded with a smile and said, “Yeah Nancy, I guess you’re right about that…

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Three People To Be Mindful Of As You Pursue Your Dream

The Bible is so filled with wisdom; and for the discerning reader, it not only has the greatest principles for life ever known to humanity, it also speaks to all the issues of life—even the issue of accomplishing what you are passionate about.

Take for example the life of Joseph, the highly favored son of Jacob. You may know his story—how he was given a dream by God that he shared with his brothers and his parents. To his parents his dream sounded disrespectful, and to his brothers it sounded like the epitome of pride. None of the people he shared it with saw the beauty of it that Joseph himself saw.

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Gathering In Jesus’ Name: What It Is And Is Not

A mom, dad and their 6-year old daughter Megan gathered together one foggy Saturday morning to have their weekly family devotions. After they prayed and were about to begin reading a Bible passage together, the little girl sweetly asked, “Mom, Dad, can we go outside now?”

Dad said, “Maybe later honey. We have to spend time with Jesus first. Besides, it’s a bit too foggy right now.” Megan quickly retorted, “But daddy, didn’t Jesus say that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there in the mist? Look how misty it is out there?”

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Don’t be surprised if people don’t appreciate your dream as much as you do. In fact, if anyone is more excited about your dream than you are, then you are not yet ready to make it come true, because they are not meant to make it reality—YOU ARE!


Good At Holding Grudges or Great At Harboring Grace?

As I stood on Candler’s mountain early this chilly autumn morning, my heart was warmed with the thought that today was Liberty University’s Homecoming celebration. In several hours, the entire campus would come alive with people who have traveled from all across the country and even other countries, to celebrate their alma mater with fellow alumni.

image taken with my iPhone from Candler’s Mountain – 10/19/2013

Though most people were probably sleeping-in this Saturday morning, off in the distance, I could hear the Liberty Marching Band practicing for the day’s festivities.

Sipping my coffee and absorbing the fresh Blue Ridge mountain air, I began to think about another homecoming—the story of the prodigal son. Suddenly, I sensed that perhaps the heavenly Father was reminding me of a few things I might need to return home from

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Exercising With Waits…

Like working out at the gym involves commitment, repetition, and weights, working out our faith essentially requires the same—commitment, repetition, and, well… WAITS.

We need to keep asking, seeking, knocking (Matt. 7:7).  And to do that we have to be willing to wait on the Lord (Psa. 27:14).  This pleases God because when we refuse to back down or give up until we are sure He is saying “No”, we prove by our persistence that we “believe” God exists and that He will reward our commitment to prayer (Heb. 11:6).

Have you ever waited for someone to come and pick you up in their car and it seemed that no matter how long you waited it was not until you stopped looking for them that their horn honked outside?  So often we expect something, and if it takes a while, we usually find that we give up right before our hope is fulfilled.

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