Leggo My Ego?: Reversing Our Self-Idolizing Ideals

What do we say to people who are preoccupied with how they look, feel, what they want, what they like to do, or who they are? We tell them, “Get over yourself!” Yes, one of the greatest hang-ups Christians tend to have is something that ought to be hung up on our own crosses daily as we follow Christ; and that something is SELF!

There are so many subtle ways in which self-centeredness can creep into our hearts and show up in our lives. And one of the most subtle ways is through our own perceived goodness. Measuring ourselves by the amount of good we do or by the amount of bad we do not do is usually a bad idea because it can lead us to think that we are pretty good people on our own, and in little to no need of help from God. Please Christian, get over yourself!

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My Ten “Commend-ments” For Faithfully Serving God

Let’s face it. We are human and prone to make mistakes. And although as Christians we are those whose lives have been irreversibly changed forever by a Christ who died for all of our sins, we still can and do sin sometimes.


Yet it goes without saying that the overall tenor of our lives should make it obvious to all that we have not only been with Jesus, but that Jesus is within each Christian.

So to prevent the fallen nature I once was completely controlled by from convincing me that I have no relationship with God or that God can no longer use me because I somehow messed up, I always remind myself of the following important passages of Scripture:

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Within God Or “Without” God? Where Are You?

From the beginning, God established that without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins.  And since the beginning and throughout Old Testament history, God demonstrated this truth through types and shadows.


For example, when Adam and Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, God killed an animal and took it’s skin and made them clothing because through their sin, they became ashamed of their own nakedness. The blood of that first animal ever killed foreshadowed the blood of the Lamb of God (Christ Jesus) who would take away the sin of the world.

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What On Earth Will I Wear?

Have you ever gone to a closet filled with clothes, stood there and stared, then after a while said in frustration, ”I don’t have anything to wear!”?

Well, I know it sounds cliché’ and all, but the next time you feel this way, try thinking honestly of the millions of children around the world who dress in less than rags, or who wear no clothes at all.

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Two Clear Reasons You Can Know You Are Fully Forgiven By GOD

As Christians we all know who our source is when it comes to our forgiveness. We sing, “I’m forgiven, because Your were forsaken. I’m accepted, You were condemned. I’m alive and well, Your Spirit is within me, because You died and rose again.” Those lyrics from the song “You Are My King (Amazing Love)” remind us of just how much we are truly loved. And the first thing it mentions is God’s forgiveness of all of our sins.

Forgiven The simple fact is that without the forgiveness of God, we would all have been doomed from the very first sin of Adam. But because of the source of our forgiveness, we have complete, full and free forgiveness from God that is always available to anyone who wants it.

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