The Courage of Learning

Learning is designed to “encourage” you not to cause further cowardice!  Do not let your old Adamic nature that runs and hides from God keep you from His best for your life. Remember that though the steps you must take in mastering your

craft are many and difficult, you are being shown the path because you are being granted access to that which will lead you to life at its fullest and best–YOUR PURPOSE! Do not despise the learning process!  The more you know, the farther you will go… and the more courageous you will become in the process.

Because More Than Anyone Else, He Deceived Himself!

Surely you’ve seen plenty of Allstate insurance commercials.  I have to say that I love the ones starring the guy who calls himself mayhem!  They truly found an ingenious way to get people’s attention and sell their product.  Mayhem physically enacts the various bad things that could happen to you that you would have a hard time recovering from if you have “cut-rate” insurance.

For example, he jumps up and down on a tree limb hanging over somebody’s car, calling himself a severe windstorm.  The limb breaks off the tree and falls crushing the hood of the car.

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First Things First? Or Worse Things Worse?

I have “Good News” for you!  The Kingdom has come to earth in Christ!  And it is the right of every Believer in Jesus to possess it!  And no, I’m not merely talking about the small stuff like riches and good health, though to some degree they are a part of God’s kingdom.

But I am speaking of the power to overcome the enemy and to live life more abundantly in whatever sphere of influence God intends for you.

You see, it is in living out your God-appointed purpose that you will find perfect peace, continual joy, and the deepest love for God and for people.  That is your spiritual sweet-spot, and when you operate there, health, wealth, wisdom, happiness, strength, endurance, and the ability to say “no” to sin are readily and daily available.  Don’t you want that?  Who wouldn’t want that?

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When The Lights Go Out

One of life’s great questions is “Do you know where you’re going?” And that question is not so much for our day to day destinations, but with our life as a whole. Every day, people everywhere are to some degree concerned with variations of that question, like, “Where is this relationship taking me?”, or “Am I in a dead-end job?”, or that great question in the back of most everyone’s mind, “Where do we go after we die?”

All those questions are good questions; unfortunately, in a fallen, sinful world, they often don’t find the best answers. You see, the best answers this world can give are those that are only of temporary and limited good. Because of the blindness of sin, the world cannot see or perceive the best answers to life.

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The Problem of Both

There is a problem most of us have that keeps us from ever achieving our dreams and becoming true blessings to the world. We long for the extraordinary privilege of being all we are created to be, yet we don’t want to suffer looking like a fool for it. Thank God for those who became fools for Christ’s sake! They understood that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.