He Gives His Beloved Sleep

The fact that darkness comes into the Believer’s life from time to time is an unwelcome inevitability.  The darkness could be the result of a loss of a loved one, financial reverse, a severed


relationship, sickness, or even spiritual oppression. And our reactions to these troubles are usually determined by the degree to which we live life, not for ourselves, but for the Lord who should be at the center of all of our plans. Psalm 127 opens with “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord

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Who Made This?

The Artist: Tenaya Fritts… Have you ever wondered like me how they get those nicely drawn blackboard advertisements in Starbucks? I am somewhat of an artist myself; or I’d at least like to think that I am. So if I am traveling and I pop into a Starbucks, I immediately look for the blackboards for two reasons:


to see what they are brewing and to also admire the artwork.  I often find myself both enjoying how nice they look and wondering who the artist might be.

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Life or Death… What Gives?

When it comes to life and death, what gives anyway?  I mean, since the dawn of time, people have been “searching for the meaning of life”, right?  And truth be told (relative truth, that is…), various people throughout history have “discovered” life’s meaning and have even documented their discoveries.  Yet many, if not most of them, have


very different answers; so who’s right? Well, rather than tossing my brain into a blender of esoteric answers to that greatest of questions, I decided to simply take a good hard look at life and death.  And you know what I found?  I discovered to my amazement that life gives, and death takes.  Wow!

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